The Need for Join Supplements

Pasilla and Sarah Ballou - Grass Valley, CA

I've been a customer of Supreme Top Form for well over a decade. Despite other products continually being introduced to me, I've found that your product fits my needs. With horses, I believe purity and simplicity are always the best answer, which your product provides. It's palatable, easy to feed, and has the highest concentration of ingredients on the market without unnecessary additives.

Potion Touchstone, North Carolina

Supreme Top Form provides support for my joints, tendons and ligaments so I can be my amazing best, by air, land or sea!

Megan Perry Eventing, Nantucket MA

Eventing demands a lot of a horse. I strongly feel that it is imperative that my horses per form at their very best but to do so they must feel their very best. That's why my horses receive Supreme Top Form. I can honestly say out of all of the joint supplements I've tried this is the most effective one.

Kathy Bissell, DVM

My 5 year old cat Gracie began exhibiting forelimb lameness and swollen forelimbs not long after a move to a multilevel home and introduction to a new younger "brother". At first I suspected infection from bite wounds from the new cat were causing her symptoms - Grace liked to be the alpha kitty and was putting her younger companion in his place on a daily basis.

After the 3rd occurrence of her clinical signs after 2 rounds of antibiotics I had her x-rayed. We were very surprised to find out she had clinically significant elbow osteoarthritis at her relatively young age . I immediately started her ( and th e other 2 cats) on Supreme Top Form supplement orally.

has had no further episodes of forelimb swelling and it has been 15 months. I am hopeful we can keep her pain free and prevent worsening of her forelimb pain for years to come with Supreme Top Form.

Geri Gordon, Citra FL

My husband and I own two quarter horse geldings and both of them are on Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement daily. One gelding is a 29 year old retired show horse who is now more flexible and willing to move forward--which makes him a much happier guy in his pasture. The other gelding is14 years old and my current show horse who is recovering from a ligament injury. He is doing well and his daily supplement is not only assisting in his recovery but also reducing stiffness and improving overall movement.


Before adding Supreme Top Form powder, moisten the feed slightly. This will prevent loss of Supreme Top Form as you mix it into the feed.


Remember to walk your horse under tack for at least 15 minutes every ride before you begin faster work. This allows joint fluid to work most efficiently to cushion joint surfaces and pre-stretches tendons and ligaments, reducing the risk of injury. This is golden,as it is very effective, it's free, and you can spend the time working on the perfect walk and manners in general. Happy riding.