Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement and how does it work?

Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement is 99.8% pure glucosamine hydrochloride and 99% pure hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works by inhibiting the formation of inflammatory products in joints, which cause pain and cartilage destruction. Glucosamine has been shown to counteract the negative effects on cartilage of steroid administration. Glucosamine also serves as a building block for new cartilage formation.Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid do not cause the significant side effects that nonsteroidal ant-inflammatory agents may induce.

What is joint cartilage?

Joint cartilage is an array of collagen, proteoglycans and other proteins, as well as water, which provides a smooth gliding surface for articulating bones.

Is Supreme Top Form superior to other joint supplements?

Yes, because Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement is pure glucosamine, and pure hyaluronic acid formulated to be cost effectively given. Most oral joint supplements are multiple ingedient combination compounds, and at the recommended dose only provide 1/3 to 1/2 the proven effective dose of glucosamine, along with unabsorbed or unproven medication that is not only costly, but which has not, unlike glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, been closely evaluated for either effectiveness or for potential harmful side effects.

Are there any side effects?

In human clinical trials, no patients have experienced more side effects with glucosamine or hyaluronic acid than with a placebo.

How do I know if my horse needs Supreme Top Form Join Supplement?

Equine athletes frequently experience the same cartilage wear and tear over time that human athletes do. Often, significant damage occurs before lameness is detectable, especially if more than one limb (for example both hocks or both front coffin joints) are affected. Most horses aged 7 years or older that are in regular work could benefit from regular oral glucosamine and hyaluronic acid supplementation. A horse of any age which has suffured joint trauma, for example, a fetlock joint chip fracture or joint capsule inflammation, will benefit from Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement.

My horse is taking herbal all natural supplements, does he still need Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement?

Oral glucosamine and hyaluronic acid have been proven in many scientific studies to be effective and safe. Herbal supplements, to date, have not been subjected to the same rigorous testing as to efficacy and safety. To ensure that your horse receives the best joint care and protection a combination of glucosamine and hyaluronic acid is the leading treatment.

How cost effecitive is Supreme Top Form Join Supplement?

Because Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement is pure glucosamine hydrochloride and hyaluronic acid without any "inactive" ingredients it is very concentrated and is the most economical product on the market to provide the recommended doses of 10,000 mg glucosamine and 100 mg hyaluronic acid for a 1,000 lb. horse.

My vet told my that IM Adequan and Glucosamine do the same thing. Why would I give both?

Adequan is polysulfated glycosaminoglycan, mainly chondroiton sulfate. As it is given intramuscularly, it is well absorbed. Adequan will provide additional joint cartilage protection and anti-inflammatory effect in more severe cases of synovitis or arthritis when given in addition to Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement, however the most beneficial and cost effective plan for your horse is to provide daily joint protection in his feed and add injectable medication as needed.

Do I need to give a "loading dose" when I start my horse on Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement?

Generally two weeks of supplementation are required before clinical improvement is seen. Many horses benefit clinically from a 1-1/2 to 2 times dose for the first thirty days of use.

How long does Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement take to work?

See above.

Will my horse get the same benefit if I can only give Supreme Top Form once a day?

Yes, a once daily dose is effective.

Can I give Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement to my dog?

Yes, our canine companions suffer from arthritis as well. Middle aged or older dogs will have healthier joints when given Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement. Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid have also been shown to be as effective in the treatment of back pain, which affects many dogs, as anti-inflammatory medication without the potentially harmful side effects.