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Was founded in 2000 by two equine veterinarians with a strong interest in the equine athlete. Both doctors had completed surgery residencies and obtained doctorates in problems that occur in the athletic horse.

While good management practices go a long way toward prevention and treatment of illness and injury, and many excellent surgical procedures are available to assist in disease management, we found that safe, effective pain management, particularly chronic pain and disability due to arthritis, was lacking.

After extensive research and working with other equine veterinarians with wide experience treating the athletic horse, Top Form was created as the product to safely and effectively achieve the goals of pain management and joint health protection.Top Form is 99% pure glucosamine hydrochloride, which has also proven to be helpful for the same problems in dogs, cats and humans.

After 7 more years of investigating ongoing global research about joint supplementation and of careful clinical observation of our patients, we are pleased to offer a new joint supplement that includes hyaluronic acid for increased anti-inflammatory action and more rapid pain relief. Supreme Top Form is a concentrated formula that is pure, highly palatable and cost effective.